Reclaim your life from anxiety, worry, and fear.

Covid19 update: My practice is currently focusing on first responders, the Canadian Armed Forces, and veterans. 

Are you struggling with anxiety, worry, or fear?

Do you have trouble quieting your mind at night because of racing or upsetting thoughts?

Are anxiety, worry, or fear affecting your work, school, relationships, or medical or dental appointments?

Do you feel like you’re going crazy because of excessive anxiety or worry?

Does the thought of saying ‘no’ to others make you feel anxious?

Have you tried just about everything to manage your anxiety, worry, or fear yet nothing seems to work?


You are not alone.

Millions of Canadians struggle with anxiety and worry on a daily basis. In fact, anxiety concerns are one of the most common issues that Psychologists see. Anxiety affects everybody: men, women, children, the rich, the poor, the disabled, LGBTQ individuals, and people from all ethnic and cultural groups.

Why is anxiety so hard to overcome?

If you’re struggling with anxiety, you’ve probably been told by well meaning friends, and even some health care professionals, to exercise more, eat better, sleep more, meditate, sign up for yoga, or take anti-anxiety medication.

While these strategies contribute to an improvement in health and wellness, they will not help alleviate your anxiety in the long-term. In fact, they can sometimes worsen the anxiety you’re experiencing.

How is this possible? What these strategies teach you is that intense anxiety is abnormal and must be avoided or managed to live a worthwhile life. This is NOT true. Intense anxiety is not a sign of weakness, ‘bad genes,’ or that you’re going crazy.

Anxiety is not the problem; it’s the avoidance of anxiety that’s preventing you from living a richer, healthier, and fuller life. Avoidance means you’re running away from the people, places, or situations that bring about unpleasant feelings. By avoiding what scares you, you’re less confident that you can cope with the situation the next time it happens because you avoided it the last time. This results in feeling more anxious.

Avoidance is the leading factor responsible for turning anxiety and worry into serious physical and mental health problems. No amount of exercise, sleep, yoga, healthy eating, or anti-anxiety medications will help with avoidance behaviours.

Anxiety doesn’t have to take over your life.

The techniques you learn while working with me are ones you can take with you. I want to give you tools that will help you for life. Find out more about how I do this here.

You can learn how to not let anxiety, fear, or worry take over your life and undermine your relationships, the things you care about doing, and the things you want to do. You CAN end your suffering and live a rich, healthy, and full life!

Contact me to find out how you can:

  • Eat, sleep, and live more easily and comfortably
  • Quiet your mind so you can get a good night’s sleep
  • Find the inner peace you need and deserve so you feel lighter and more at ease
  • Live a life of courage and strength, not a fear-based one

Please don’t go another day feeling anxious, worried, or afraid when there are effective treatments for anxiety. Learn more about how I can help you or contact me today to book your appointment to reclaim your life from anxiety and worry.

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