Valentine’s Day Is About Love, Not Lovers

February 8th, 2013

By: Dr. Anoosha Avni
Registered Psychologist

Do you get so caught up with Valentine’s Day and wanting to make sure your spouse/partner shows you how special you are that you forget to demonstrate the same level of appreciation to your family and friends? Or are you single and dreading Valentine’s Day because it reminds you of what you don’t have?

Valentine’s Day is typically thought of as a day for lovers to adorn each other with gifts, compliments, affection, and a nice meal. Yet this narrow view of who is worthy of a Valentine’s Day celebration has left out the most important people in your life: your family and friends. They’re the ones who’ve been with you for a long time (usually longer than your spouse or partner), have seen you through the good times AND the bad, and gave you kindness, patience, support, companionship, laughter, and great memories.

Isn’t this what love is?

We know our family and friends are here for us (or, worse, we assume they always will be), but we don’t bother telling them or showing them how important they are to us, how they’ve helped us change and grow over the years, and how much our lives have been enhanced by their presence.

Don’t your friends and family deserve the same appreciation and thoughtfulness you’d show your spouse or partner?

This Valentine’s Day, make sure you celebrate all of your relationships, no matter what your relationship status is.

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