Who Are You Trying To Impress?

January 14th, 2013
By: Dr. Anoosha Avni
Registered Psychologist

Do you find yourself exhausted most of the time, yet feel that you’re not doing enough?

Do you resolve to do things differently every year, but then fall back into the same habits?

Do people tell you that you take on too much or that you need to slow down?

Stop and ask yourself why you’re doing so much. Is it because you want to do it all? Or do you feel obligated to do it all? If you truly enjoy doing it all – making nutritious home cooked meals every day, keeping an immaculate home, making sure you buy the perfect gifts for the people in your life and truly feel satisfied, then keep doing it.

If you find yourself feeling more tired and resentful at the myriad of things you have committed to, then stop and ask yourself the following questions: Who is telling you to “do it all”? Do you feel like a failure if everything isn’t perfect? Do you think others will think you’re a failure if you haven’t done something “just so” or according to what you think are their standards?

Read no further if you truly enjoy doing everything for everybody and don’t feel an ounce of resentment when being pulled in many different directions by different people (and still enjoy making a ten course meal).

If, on the other hand, you find yourself doing things for others hoping to impress them, one-up them, seek their love or approval, or otherwise distract yourself from pain and hurt in other areas of your life, then it’s time to seriously re-evaluate why you are catering to the needs to others while neglecting your own health and well-being.

You’re not doing anybody any good by being unkind to yourself. If anything, you’re showing others how to treat you. And you’re probably not setting a very good example, right?

When you don’t treat yourself kindly, then why should others?

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